National Contest Seeks Nominations to Award $80,000

The Linden Lodge Foundation is now asking for Votes for the 2016 Rare Life Award!

The Eagle Rare Life Award was created to honor individuals who lead rare, inspirational lives. Eagle Rare will donate $50,000 to the grand prize winner’s charity of choice. 6 runner up winners will receive $5,000 donations to their charity of choice.

Please please vote for our story EVERY 24 hours until January 6,2016 – every day! I am listed under the Devotion Category and am usually on the second page.

Go to:

Please, please help us out – it would be a real blessing for next year’s operating expenses. Below is a message that I received from Eagle Rare Life which initiates this plea to you – at least we have been noticed by them! Blessings to all!

“Your Eagle Rare Life Award story made it in our top 30! Be sure to keep up the voting momentum so that you are eligible for the grand prize of $50,000. Don’t forget that voting ends on January 5th. That leaves you a month to spread the word and rally your supporters to secure your spot in the top 30!”

Vote often at:

Thank you so much…..


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