There’s No Masking The Great Success of “Unmasking Mental Illness- A Masquerade Benefit Ball”

Linden Lodge Foundation Chair, Marianne Kernan, and Executive Director, Deb Holmes.

As a 501 (c)(3), Linden Lodge Foundation works tirelessly each year to raise money to support Linden Lodge. This year we decided to step out of our comfort zone and throw a Masquerade Ball. As with most “firsts”, the Masquerade ball presented us with a few challenges. Through the challenges, Linden Lodge triumphed! We were met with great success and cannot wait to see what next year holds. Such success would not be possible without our wonderful sponsors and everyone that showed up and supported us. We are truly grateful to you all!

To see more pictures from “Unmasking Mental Illness- A Masquerade Benefit Ball” please click here to head over to Out & About.

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Linden Lodge Foundation Chair named “Most Impactful Player in Mental Health in 2019”!

Marianne Kernan 2017

Pete Early, former Washington Post reporter, Mental Health Advocate, and long time friend of Linden Lodge, has just named Linden Lodge Foundation’s Chair, Marianne Kernan, “Most Impactful Player in Mental Health in 2019”.

Each year, Early picks a well-known individual or organization that is making a significant impact in Mental Health.

Continue reading on Pete Early’s website, here.

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Unmasking Mental Illness- A Masquerade Benefit Ball

Linden Lodge Foundation will be hosting their 2019 Unmasking Mental Illness- A Masquerade Benefit Ball at the Pinehurst Resort, Oct. 29th. Come have dinner and listen to Michael Wellington, author of Birdies, Bogeys, and Bipolarspeak on his personal experience with mental illness. Spend the rest of the evening dancing to the tunes of The Jonathon Robinson Band, a local favorite.

Lets take the mask off mental illness!

Tickets are available NOW! Limited seats available. Order your tickets online at TicketMe Sandhills,eventbrite or call us at 910-295-0600.

You can also follow the event on our Facebook page.

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Former N.C. Photographer Loses His Long Battle with Depression.

Guy Reynolds- photo credit to
 Allison V. Smith

Guy Reynolds, a previous Winston-Salem photographer has died. Reynolds was a friend of a friend of Linden Lodge. He recently beat cancer, he was a Pulitzer award recipient for his photography, and he worked for many years with The Dallas Morning News. Guy Reynolds also lived with Major Depression. In the end, no matter how much had been accomplished in his life, Reynolds still fell victim to an invisible illness. Our hope at Linden Lodge is for this amazing man’s life to live on through his beautiful photographs and to bring awareness to Mental Illness.

Major Depression in particular affects around 16 million adults in the US alone. Major Depression causes severe symptoms that affect everyday life. Personal hygiene, sleep, work productivity, and eating habits can all be affected by depression.  Major Depressive Disorder is treatable. To learn more about Guy Reynolds, check out this article from To learn more about Major Depressive Disorder please visit the National Institute of Mental Health.

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Amazon Smile

Don’t forget to use our link when shopping on Amazon. Such an easy way to give back! Click here to start shopping.

Linden Lodge Foundation has an Amazon Smile link. Click here to start shopping.
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Car Wash and Live Music!


Linden Lodge Foundations is hosting a car wash fundraiser to aid in the continuous operations of Linden Lodge, a group home dedicated to the recovery of Adults living with severe Mental Illness.

AutoZone of Aberdeen has graciously allowed us to use their facility for our fundraiser.

We will be there June 15th from 9am to 1pm.

Come get your car washed for just $15 and enjoy FREE tunes by Pathway’s Band! Ayla’s Heavenly Delites Ice Cream Van will be on site too.

Tickets available for pre-purchase or pay onsite the day of.

For more information on pre purchasing tickets, please contact Rebecca Sparks at or 910-331-7585

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Semi-Annual Charity Yard Sale

Join us May 3rd and 4th for our Semi-Annual Charity Yard Sale. We have everything! Furniture, clothes, electronics, home goods, everything!

Check out our Facebook Event for up to date info!

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We Appreciate You

Linden Lodge is so blessed to be in this community. Our wonderful neighbors always show up for us when we need them. We sincerely hope that you know how much we appreciate you.

Deep Creek Baptist Church, thank you for all that you do!

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Where Did the Schizophrenics Go?

The following op-ed appeared in the Wall Street Journal on March 26, 2019.


E. Fuller Torrey and Wendy Simmons

Wondrous are the ways of Washington. In a single day, the federal government officially reduced the number of people with schizophrenia in the United States from 2.8 million to 750,000. With a change of the National Institute of Mental Health website in 2017, two million people with schizophrenia simply disappeared.

torrey - photo - color - 2010-2

The 2.8 million estimate, or 1.1% of the adult population, had been the official standard for the U.S. since the 1980s, when the last major prevalence survey was carried out. The figure was provided to Congress in 1993 and used for national estimates such as the cost of schizophrenia.

NIMH Director Joshua Gordon wrote in the Psychiatric Times that “the 1.1% figure is no longer scientifically defensible” in view of “the most recent findings.” These findings come from a 2001-03 National Comorbidity Survey, which included only those who lived at home and acknowledged symptoms of schizophrenia. It excluded those in hospitals, nursing homes, group homes, jails, prisons, homeless shelters and on the streets. Nor did it include the people with schizophrenia among the 29% who refused to participate in the survey.

In short, the 750,000 estimate, 0.3% of the adult population, was an absurd undercount, obvious to anyone with knowledge of the subject.

Why would a federal health agency want to make two million patients disappear? Welcome to Washington. Administrators spend a lot of time trying to make their agencies look good to the public and especially to Congress, which controls the purse strings. In 2006 Congress ordered the National Institutes of Health to make public how much they spend on each major disease. These figures, along with the number of people affected by each disease, allow anyone to determine quickly the NIH’s research expenditure per patient with schizophrenia, autism or any other disease, and compare them. It can be argued that the quality of the research portfolio is a better metric than expenditure per patient, but the latter is what most advocacy groups use.

In 2016 NIMH spent $254 million on schizophrenia research. With 2.8 million people affected, that was only $90.71 a patient. NIH expenditures for Alzheimer’s disease were $162.98 a patient ($929 million for 5.7 million people) and Parkinson’s disease commanded $173.12 a patient ($161 million for 930,000 patients as of 2020).

This imbalance created a problem for the NIMH. There were two ways to “solve” it: by spending more money on schizophrenia research or by reducing the number of people with schizophrenia.

Thus two million people with schizophrenia disappeared from the figures and voilà—expenditure per patient soared. Even though schizophrenia research funding fell in 2017 to $243 million, the NIMH can now claim to spend a mouth-dropping $324 per person. Call it a Washington victory for schizophrenia patients. 

Dr. Torrey is associate director for research and Ms. Simmons is a research associate at the Stanley Medical Research Institute.

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Linden Lodge Foundation Calls For Papers…

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