Linden Lodge Helps to Shatter the Silence at Local Rally

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Shattering the Silence Posted by Linden Lodge Foundation, Inc. on Saturday, May 20, 2017 Today Linden Lodge Foundation participated in a gathering, at Linden Lodge, to draw attention to mental illness issues, how they are addressed (or not!) in our … Continue reading

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Insane Consequences: D J Jaffe’s Attempt To Turn A Spotlight On The Seriously Mentally Ill

(5-1-17) Given the ongoing dispute about who will be the first Assistant Secretary for mental health and substance abuse, it seems a fitting time to discuss D.J. Jaffe’s new book, Insane Consequences: How the Mental Health Industry Fails The Mentally Ill.

For the past thirty years, Jaffe has been deeply involved in advocating for better care for the seriously mentally ill and his book provides a roadmap for what he is convinced needs to be done to rescue and reform our current system.

Jaffe became an advocate because of a family member. In his case, it was his wife’s younger sister, Lynn. What happened to Jaffe, his wife, Rose, and to Lynn has become an all too common story.

She started becoming paranoid, convinced that conversations taking place across the street involved plots to kill her…We took her to the emergency room. She was admitted, diagnosed, medicated, and provided rehabilitative therapy. But to “protect her privacy,” her doctor wouldn’t tell us her diagnosis, what medication she’d given Lynn, or what would happen when her hospitalization ended. Lynn returned home to us and stopped taking the antipsychotic medications we didn’t even know she’d been prescribed…”

Thus, Jaffe was thrust into our baffling mental health care system which he quickly found to be both frustrating and lacking. Determined to help change it, he began by knocking on the door of the National Alliance on Mental Illness, raising money for its New York City chapter and eventually joining its board. From there, he moved to the Treatment Advocacy Center where he became a strong advocate for Assisted Outpatient Treatment and a dedicated admirer of Dr. E. Fuller Torrey, one of TAC’s founders. More recently, he has launched his own organization, Mental Illness Policy. Org, which he describes as “a nonpartisan think tank that creates detailed policy analyses for legislators, the media and advocates.” Continue reading

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Cost of not caring: Stigma set in stone

Excellent USA Today article on attitudes about mental health and failure to provide equal treatment with physical ailments in this country. Stigma = discrimination. Absolutely.

Liz Szabo of USA Today continues with her excellent series of articles profiling America’s failing mental health system. This is a worthy read!

  • Stigma against the mentally ill is so powerful that it’s been codified for 50 years into federal law, and few outside the mental health system even realize it.

    This systemic discrimination, embedded in Medicaid and Medicare laws, has accelerated the emptying of state psychiatric hospitals, leaving many of the sickest and most vulnerable patients with nowhere to turn.

    Advocates and experts who spoke with USA TODAY describe a system in shambles, starved of funding while neglecting millions of people across the country each year.

    The failure to provide treatment and supportive services to people with mental illness – both in the community and in hospitals – has overburdened emergency rooms, crowded state and local jails and left untreated patients to fend for themselves on city streets, says Patrick Kennedy, a former congressman from Rhode Island who has fought to provide better care for the mentally ill.

    The USA routinely fails to provide the most basic services for people with mental illness — something the country would never tolerate for patients with cancer or other physical disorders, Kennedy says.

– See more at:

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Moore County Leadership Institute Envisions a Wellness Garden at Linden Lodge


Moore County Leadership Institute

MCLI is a yearlong program offered by the Moore County Chamber of Commerce. Individuals accepted into the program spend one day a month learning about a different aspect of Moore County — touching on education, government, agriculture, tourism, business, and health care. Each individual also works within a team on a project to help a nonprofit organization or fill an unmet need in the community. Developed in 1989, MCLI has had more than 500 graduates to date.

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Stamp Out Stigma 2017 Awareness Calendar

This year is filled with many speical dates devoted to raising awareness about important mental health, substance use disorder, and overall health issues. To make it easier for you here is an awareness calendar to highlight these important days, weeks, and months. Be sure to mark the dates on your calendar so you can join with Linden Lodge to help reduce the stigma and create a positive impact!

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”Stamp Out Stigma 2017 Awareness Calendar”]

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Linden Lodge Chicks Produce

Dean making breakfast

At last success! Dean is preparing breakfast with the first of the fresh eggs laid by our very own Linden Lodge chickens. We can’t wait for them all to start laying so we have all the fresh eggs we need. All our residents are REALLY looking forward to  their turn at collecting them each day!

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Linden Lodge Residents Care for Their Chickens

Resized_20160812_172212Linden Lodge residents each care for one chicken that they “adopted” and clean the chicken coop daily as a way to promote their personal responsibility in addition to having the fun of gathering our fresh eggs each day.  No one can say our residents are not a creative bunch as the names of our chickens are Zeblow, Roseanna, Popcorn, Georgie Mae, Ruby, Crystal and Cuckoo. Life continues to be good at Linden Lodge!!

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Congratulations, Linden Lodge Foundation!

The Moore County Community Foundation, an affiliate of the NC Community Foundation, has awarded Linden Lodge Foundation, Inc. a grant in the amount of $2,500.00 from their John W. Roffe & Marjorie A. Roffe Endowment for Moore County.

Marianne speaks to NCCF


Marianne Kernan, Chairman of the Linden Lodge Foundation, speaks before the Moore County affiliate of the NC Community Foundation as she gratefully accepts their generous grant to help offset the cost of the kitchen renovation at Linden Lodge

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Linden Lodge Mascot Celebrates in Pinehurst

Marianne, Emily and Maggie 7-4-2016

Marianne and Emily along with Miss Maggie, the Linden Lodge “super pup in residence”, participated in the Pinehurst 4th of July Pet Parade. They all donned their red, white, and blue – don’t Emily and Miss Maggie look fabulous!

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Before the chicken OR the egg… You Need A Coop!

Here at Linden Lodge, we are all about home and family, simple, honest living and down-to-earth values. If you raise chickens, these things are important to you, too so it was only natural that we would invite seven new occupants to come home to roost! Having chickens in our own coop at the Lodge is so much more than getting fresh eggs… It’s a wonderful experience for the whole group. The residents especially will love interacting with the chickens and most are eager to learn about taking care of them.Before the chicken OR the egg... You Need A Coop!

For us here at Linden Lodge, the fluffy little chick to be cradled in our hands and lovingly nurtured so carefully is more than an “egg-producing machine.”

We want to make sure she has a safe and comfortable place to live when we move her (and her sisters!) out from under the brooder light and into the big wide world.

Regardless of where you live, the critters that love to prey on chickens are everywhere… raccoons, coyotes, hawks, weasels, snakes – the list is endless. Our coop is built to keep them at bay. Right now we are still in the process of making sure there aren’t any sharp edges so the chickens don’t hurt themselves, and making sure they are safe from predators in a fenced-in area.

Everything is starting to come together to provide The best housing for our backyard flock.

We look with anticipation to the day we proudly collect our very first egg, from our very own chicken coop!

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