Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with Linden Lodge!

Your kindness of your time is the greatest gift you can give someone else, and we greatly appreciate you spending your most precious gift with our residents.  

1-time Opportunities:

Guest Volunteer: Supervised activities with staff or board members present, Volunteers in Groups of 3 or more:

  • This type of volunteer will not need a background check.
  • Come for coffee or tea, always decaf.
  • Play board, yard games (cornhole, basketball etc.) or card games with residents.
  • Help with yard beautification.
  • Share a meal with residents.
  • Do arts & crafts painting, drawing with residents.

Event Volunteer: Volunteers at one of our fundraising or awareness events.

  • This type of volunteer will not need a background check.

One on One Opportunities

Boomerang Buddy: Working with a specific Resident.

  • Volunteer will need a background check.
  • Can pick up and take residents out for a planned activity- a meal at a restaurant, movie, bowling etc. or hang out at Linden Lodge as time for volunteer allows.

Recurring Opportunities

Buddy Volunteer: Peer Support -Checking in with residents 1 or 2x per week.

  • Volunteer will need a background check.
  • Volunteer will need to be interviewed by staff.
  • This type of volunteer will call and check in with resident, spend time with resident at Linden Lodge and/or take resident out for a planned activity.

Volunteer friends, if you are not COVID-19 vaccinated we respectfully ask you to wear a mask when you are working with our residents or at Linden Lodge.

Ready to volunteer? Please fill out this form

For more information please call: Ashley Baker at 910-295-0600

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