About Us

Mission Statement

The Linden Lodge Foundation, Inc., an all volunteer Board of Directors, is dedicated to the recovery of men and women with a serious and persistent mental illness by providing opportunities for our residents to live, work, and learn, while contributing their talents through a community of mutual support.  We do this through providing a safe, stable residence and the development of innovative motivational, educational and vocational prospects.

Our goal is to provide a high quality of life for all residents, ongoing improvement and increased self-esteem and the ultimate elimination of stigma against those with a mental illness. Residents, staff and volunteers work side-by-side to develop treatment plans, set goals and discover ways to successfully realize them. Success depends upon our ability to inspire partnerships between residents, staff, board members, volunteers, organization partners, medical providers and the larger community.

Vision Statement

Our vision is that people with mental illness achieve their full potential and are respected as individuals, neighbors, friends, volunteers, and co-workers.

Our Goals

It is the goal of the Linden Lodge Foundation to serve those individuals with severe mental illness that are currently receiving Social Security Benefits, Social Security Disability and Medicaid/Medicare benefits.  It is this population that is in greatest need of appropriate housing and services as their income is well below the poverty level. Linden Lodge is self-sustaining through the collection of appropriate grants, personal and institutional donations, and endowments.  Per state and Sandhills Center Organization requirements, clients must provide a complete financial statement of income and resources in order that it can be determined that they are in need of the housing at Linden Lodge.

Please contact Ashley Baker at staff@lindenlodgenc.org or call (910) 295-0600 for additional information.

 The history of the birth of Linden Lodge in Pinehurst, NC. is the story of  a residential home for people with brain illness. It takes no state funds, but rather operates exclusively on fund raisers and donations from the private sector. Its goal is to prepare residents to go back into society and live independently.

Linden Lodge Residential Community
2251 Linden Road, Aberdeen, NC (Pinehurst ETJ) 

Property Owned by Linden Lodge Foundation, Inc. – Moore County, NC
A non-profit organization and registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt public charity 

A Residential Home for Those with a Serious and Persistent Mental Illness 

Residential Rehabilitation Goals: Maintain stability and restore self-esteem

Linden Lodge offers a unique residential and rehabilitation program to assist adults of Moore County and the surrounding counties that are diagnosed with a serious mental illness. A team has been assembled to help individuals successfully maintain psychiatric stability and assist, if possible, with meaningful employment, volunteerism in the local community, and the pursuit of educational opportunities.  Residents have on-site access to recreational, art and music therapy, and physical fitness and wellness opportunities.


The residents of Linden Lodge are referred by mental health professionals, families and friends, vocational rehabilitation counselors, and other community non-profit organizations.  Linden Lodge Foundation receives applications for admission and is the final decision-maker as to admittance.  Individuals must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a resident of Moore County or have a family member that has resided in Moore County for a minimum of twelve (12) months (if there are no Moore County applicants, those residing outside the county are considered if there is a vacancy)
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a diagnosis of mental illness and be medication compliant    
  • Must be willing to participate in a daily, structured program as directed after an individual plan has been developed for them
  • Not currently verbally abusive or physically aggressive
  • Not currently abusing drugs and/or alcohol

The property consists of 6.57 acres, and is a 7 bedroom and 3 bath home – which can house 6 residents and one (1) 24 hour staff member. 

The property currently has grounds where a garden nursery operated for 20 years, 2 water wells, garden cold frames, and an outbuilding for art and music therapy and physical fitness activities in addition to peer support group meetings. 

Before arriving at Linden Lodge, each resident’s current mental health is evaluated by their current clinical team.  Based on this evaluation, an individualized plan is developed with the appropriate goals – a person centered plan.  These goals are developed by both our professional staff, the NC DHHS approved Service Provider, and the residents themselves. All residents must be enrolled with the Sandhills MH/DD/SA Center or a private mental health service provider.

The core services of the Linden Lodge Program include 24 hour trained staff on-site, emergency psychiatric services through First Health Moore Regional Hospital, medication administration, monitoring and management, transportation to appointments and events, mental health status checks, treatment goals, supportive employment and most importantly residing in a “family home” setting.  Linden Lodge Foundation, Inc. a licensed provider of residential services by NC Department of Health and Human Services (our public mental health system) will operate both the residential community and help develop day program activities for the residents.  Linden Lodge Foundation, Inc. is the property owner and manager of Linden Lodge. NAMI-MC provides volunteer support and limited volunteer oversight of the ongoing residential activities.


The philosophy of this community is that individuals learn to live life by living it!  It is the goal of the Linden Lodge Foundation, a non-profit foundation, to provide residents with those opportunities that will encourage them to take part in employment opportunities, recreational activities, and physical fitness programs.  Necessary living skills such as personal hygiene, grocery shopping, food preparation, housekeeping, budgeting, and time management are focused on.  Linden Lodge focuses on the development of friendships and emphasizes the importance of family relations. Psycho-educational training in social and independent living skills, illness management, recovery methods, and substance abuse prevention will be components of any programs offered.


Unique to Linden Lodge is the belief that challenging and supportive work in a healthy environment can re-establish self-esteem while reintegrating into the community. While at Linden Lodge, residents have the opportunity to participate in educational programs through local institutions should they meet the educational requirements. A focus at Linden Lodge is on current and relevant community and world events and the opportunity to have social interaction and relationships. It is in this area that volunteers from our local community are relied upon to share their talents, i.e., cooking, gardening, painting, music, crafts, pottery, physical fitness, etc.

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